Student's Union

The Students’ Union (SU) will be providing such feedback and helping to improve the quality of your experience. Besides the Union acts as a liaise for transparency and makes the student’s voice heard in the highest academic meetings.

SU has the unique and both locally and internationally recognized governing system which is independent and done by the Board members- Executives; who are elected by popular vote for one-year term. SU, in addition, has the Senior Advisory Board and the Supreme Court maintaining the quality of the Executives work.

The Board, which is the only executive and first legislative Union body, consists of six positions. They are President, General Manager (Vice President), General Secretary, Education and Welfare, Events and Entertainment and Information and Communication. No individual can hold a position for more than one year and serve on the Executive for more than two years. The election process is open and conducted by the Single Transferable Vote system, again in accordance with international standards. WIUT SU also cooperates with the Course Representatives so as to guarantee that the objective feedback gained from them. Moreover, Education and Welfare Executive, separately from the SU Board, coordinates Course Representatives in their task accomplishment, helping them in process and ensuring the Quality.

The projects and traditions initiated and supported by the SU are:

  • Four annual recreational events as Freshers’ Party, New Year Ball, Spring Party and Closing Party;
  • Sport events as Football Tournament, Chess Championship and Students’ Olympics;
  • Cyber events as Computer Games’ Championship and Programming Society;
  • Career and skills’ development as in the Professional Club;
  • Intellectual Clubs as Debates, Jeopardy Championship and the most popular one "Chto? Gde? Kogda?" games and Students’ Intellectual League;
  • Languages and Courses as Spanish, German, French and Waltz & Dancing and Guitar Club;
  • Media Society as SUNewspaper distributed for free, University Radio and Cinematography Club;
  • Decentralized Course Representatives Society coordinated by the Education and Welfare Executive with no SU Board interference;
  • Research and Development Centre;
  • Offense Panel Support.

Moreover, SU organizes guest lectures, practical courses and offers unique innovations each year. SU is the first University Student Body in the Central Asia which operates under comprehensive and recognized and compulsory SU Code-Constitution, which is unique both in its content and approach of delivery.

SU is the place students can govern themselves, actively participate in social life, gain exclusive experience and practice their University provided knowledge. “International opportunity and international standards” in WIUT is the motto not just University but Students’ Union imply as well.